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Topi Vappa Biriyani is High quality and taste are of prime importance, and because of this our brand of Biriyani and other food products have attained widespread popularity all across South India. There are numerous articles published in different journals about our Biriyani and other food products. As a result of our efforts, the word “Topi Vappa” for a common man in Tamil Nadu today refers to High Quality Biriyani.

Biryani Art takes you on a culinary journey and lets you discover a variety of North Indian & Hyderabadi Cuisines. Both these regions in India have special and unique dishes to offer, what makes us distinct from others is that we are using local spices/ingredients to curate dishes for you. Our mission at Biryani Art is not only to serve great tasting food, but provide efficient and friendly service because customer satisfaction is paramount. We want to be the restaurant choice for people from all walks of life.